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Camp Journalwanamaka

3rd July, 2014. 12:23 pm. I love summer fruits!

Spring and fall, there's not a whole lot around. Winter, you have oranges. But summertime, you have grapes, peaches, nectarines, etc! It's natures candy! And I love cherries, which are kind of like the healthy man's chewing tobacco! You still get something to spit out, but with out all of the health problems.

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11th November, 2011. 8:14 pm. 262

Another week has gone by... I keep thinking that things will get better here, but they don't. It really just comes down to my manager. She yells at you when you deliver bad news, even if it's not your fault, she plays favorites, and she constantly gets jabs in at me. Today I was giving a presentation, because each of us has to "teach" something to their peers. Frankly, these are long, boring meetings that no one likes to go to and that no one learns anything from, but it's something we have to do. So today was my day, and when she sees the topic, the first thing out of her mouth is, "really? that's what you're presenting today? That's hilarious"! And she didn't mean it in a funny, good way either. When I was done with it, some people came up and said that they liked it and were glad that it was different from the usual presentations. That being said, at this point I second guess anything complimentary from anyone, and feel that they were probably just being nice as friends are.

It's funny when you buy a house all of the things that you never think of until you're all moved in. For example. We have no lights in 3 or so of our rooms. This is because they don't have ceiling lights, and coming from a small apartment we didn't need that many standing lights before. So now we need to get a bunch of standing lights. Towels. We have two bathrooms now, and so we need towels for the new bathroom. Stands for our electronic equipment. Before we had our TV on a stand and all the electronic equipment on the shelves below that. Now it's wall mounted, so we have wires coming down to all of the electronic equipment on the floor. I know that within a month or two we'll have all of this fixed, but for right now it's funny because we always seem to be discovering one more thing that we need!

I was looking forward to the break at Thanksgiving, but now we're driving out one day, spending a day with my mom, a day with her parents, and then driving back, and then, oh, it's Monday again!

I can't believe the Niners are doing so well!

Roger Waters and the Wall tour are coming here, and I'm thinking about getting tickets...

I can't believe I missed posting on FB at 11:11 on 11/11/11!

The kitties are scratching up a storm on our furniture these days, so I'm going to get them a big scratching/climbing post. Pet Co or Pet Smart or...?

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21st October, 2011. 5:04 pm. There

So we came to an "agreement" with the builder, whereby they'd split the difference. We're both kind of leery at this point about buying a house at all, but we'd lose all of our ernest money for sure at this point, and the BankOfMom has agreed to help out (it's so good to be an only child sometimes!). So by this time next week, we should (in theory) be moving in to our new house. I just hope that when next summer comes around, we can sell it and get most of our money back.

I asked our relocation person for my company how much we'd have to pay back if I were to leave early, and needless to say THAT'S not happening anytime soon, LOL!.

Last night we went to see Jimmy Buffett in concert - our first fun event since we've been here! He put on a good show, but it was just weird seeing him in Arizona. We're so used to seeing him in California, with the smell of the ocean nearby, and to see him in the desert, is just weird. There were two, huge drunk guys who were in front of us and dancing up a storm. I'm all for people having a good time, but not when it comes to constantly wanting to hug and high five me, or shaking your booty in my face! And then there was this kid, about 16, who was just jumping up and down during the whole concert a few rows in front of us. Even during the slow songs when everyone else was seated! Even the drunk guys made fun of him! All and all it was a decent show and we had fun.

This weekend I have plans to do absolutely nothing. We've been busy with house stuff every other weekend, so this weekend, I just want peace and quiet.

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18th October, 2011. 1:04 pm. Writer's Block: It’s about to get hairy

Do you like beards, goatees or mustaches? Why or why not?

I prefer my ladies clean shaven!

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8th October, 2011. 10:55 pm. It's just different... But I'm getting used to it...

Ugh, our neighbors upstairs are so noisy! I can't wait until we're in our new house! Which should be in just two weeks or so... And the neighborhood is so nice and quiet, not nearly as noisy as the main streets our last two apartments have been off of!

It's weird getting used to things here. People are allowed to talk on their cel phones while driving, sit in the back of trucks, ride motorcycles without helmets, go in and out of carpool lanes, etc. None of which they can do in Cali.

I finally bit the bullet and got my haircut today for the first time in many many years by someone who wasn't my usual hair cutter. I went to a place nearby that was called "sportsclips" and the girl did a pretty good job in my opinion! It's a men's salon, with an all female staff, and they have TVs in front of each station where you can watch a sporting event on TV while you're getting your hair cut.

Not a whole lot to report, all I do is work work work, and on the weekend, do stuff for getting the house ready.

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1st October, 2011. 10:25 am. Cat scratch fever...

Sometimes Oreo, our boy cat, will put his two front paws (and claws) on something, and then give out a big stretch. The other day, the spot he picked, happened to be my ball sack! This, as you can imagine, caused quite a bit of pain, It even drew a little blood, but fortunately not so much that I needed a bandaid. Let's be honest, pulling a bandaid off your skin hurts enough, pulling one off of your ball sack would REALLY hurt!

Work is so so. I've accepted the fact that I'm no longer the lead, and now HE has all of the pressure. It's actually worked out quite well (for me), but for the people we support, him, and my manager, not so well, because while I just focus on my work, as I'm supposed to, a lot of other problems, that used to be mine, but aren't anymore, no longer get solved. Oh well, not my problem. We're losing a few people in the next month or so, and guess who gets to pick up the slack. Me. Great.

The SO's dad gets more and more closer to death, and that's sad. I dread the day when he actually dies, but for right now, he's doing okay for a man who is terminally ill with cancer. The SO has been spending a lot of time in Cali, so that leaves me on my own, but oh well, I manage.

We move into our new house in the middle of October. I could care less for right now, because I still don't consider this place our home. She's thrilled, even though it was all of my money going for the down payment.

My allergies have never been worse since moving here, and I wonder if it's something in the air, the apartment or something else...

Oh well, I'm off to a home show, because that's how I roll now on a Saturday. Yes, I've finally become my parents.

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14th September, 2011. 4:31 pm.

That sound you hear? It's my soul slowly being sucked away from me, LOL. Well, not to be dramatic, but...

OK, I need to really start trying harder to adjust here, but it's just so hard with the hot weather, my boss, etc. And every weekend I keep thinking I'll have time to relax, and the SO has another list of things we need to do for the house, etc. This weekend it's her sister coming in. Last weekend it was meeting with a gate guy and signing a lease and some other errand. They all blend in!

On FB I have a friend who always posts these positive things like, "only you can affect the negative thoughts in your life" or "today is better than yesterday" etc and frankly, I just need to start thinking more positively, but sometimes, it's just so hard, when you're leaving work late at night, AGAIN, coming home to nothing on TV, and then getting up and doing it all over again. And the reason you were at work, is because your boss wants all of these charts that she's not even going to use, and doesn't like the numbers for, so you're making up data anyway!

Driving is something that it's taking awhile to get used to out here. In Cali, almost everyone speeds. Out here, almost no one does. No one honks, and everyone always signals. They are the most polite people in the world, even if they cut you off on purpose, at least they've signaled. And even if it's late at night, and you're on company property with NO ONE else around, they will all stop at every single stop sign on company property, look both ways, and then continue on. Who does that? In Cali, people would just drive on through everything and just get out! The biggest thing I hate out here is that they have cameras that catch you if you're speeding. I was already caught for going 58 in a 45, by a camera, and it just doesn't seem quite fair! If a human's not there to catch me, it shouldn't count! Arizona is just not a place for impatient people like myself. It's a more laid back, slower moving kind of place, and I think the SO is actually getting to like it! But then, she doesn't get up early, drive to work, work long days, and have all the stress that I do.

The one thing that's funny about being out here is that restaurants that I thought were long gone, actually still exist out here. Loves! Benihana! etc. So maybe in a few years places that I liked out in Cali will make it out here...

I bought the best pillow the other day! It's a Simmons Beautyrest latex pillow, and you fill it up with water (not all of it, just the part you sleep on), and this way you can adjust it so that it's firm or not quite as firm as you want it. And if you sleep on your side like I do, it supports your neck because of the water. And it's not like you hear the water sloshing around, you just feel it. It's really helped my neck and back!

Hope all is well with you guys!

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20th August, 2011. 9:42 am. I prefer regular boobs to haboobs...

This week was the first week in months where I got out at a decent time almost every night. Finally! And I was told that they'll pay my overtime, but I still haven't seen it yet, but I have hope. Or at least I'm trying to.

My boss was busy all week and I think that if I avoid her, we both have good weeks! I don't wear her down and she doesn't give me lots of action items so we both win, LOL.

This week we had another haboob, or dust storm. It comes in, covers everything, and then it rains, and finishes the job. It just makes everything filthy! I've been told that sometimes they happen in reverse order so that you have the rain and then the dust, and it's like it's raining mud! Can't wait until THAT happens!

We're slowly starting to get out and explore the area, and I think next week we'll visit Fossil Creek, which I've heard a lot about and saw in photos that Tory posted on here, so I look forward to that. Any other areas that locals can recommend to explore?

Hope everyone has a good week!

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6th August, 2011. 5:31 pm. It's Hot hot hot!

So far the heat hasn't really affected me since we've been here. Well, every morning my walk from the car to my desk, which takes just as long as the drive to the parking lot does, makes me all sweaty, but other than that, I freeze inside due to air conditioning more than I am hot due to the weather. We're rarely outside, and basically my days go like this. Work long hours, come home, spend time on the computer, read, and then go to bed. The SO, who's not working, sleeps in, and then runs errands, or reads. Nice life! Well for her at least...

Last week we found out that our house is going to take two months longer to build than expected due to a labor shortage here. I was like, you're kidding right? The economy sucks, and people are dieing to have jobs, and yet, you need to hire people? And in one of the worst areas for homes? So now we'll have to live in corporate housing longer which will be expensive.

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30th July, 2011. 2:53 pm. Looks like we made it!

So we're now in Arizona. Yay. The last week has been a blurry nightmare! Last weekend we got everything out of the house that we thought we'd need for the corporate housing, i.e. toiletries, computer, clothes, and basics like that. Then we loaded up the cats and went to a hotel for three nights, so that they wouldn't be stressed when the movers were loading up all of our furniture. The cats did NOT like this at all, and Oreo especially was really stressed out. He wouldn't come out of the crate at first, and then when I pulled him out, he just laid there in my arms shaking and hiding his head. Finally he went under the bed. The second day he seemed a little better though, and started eating again, so that was good.

The movers were a bunch of guys from Jersey, with big, Sopranos type accents. They were totally fun and cool though, and I impressed them with my knowledge of the Jersey shore and Wildwood thanks to Lali! They moved blindingly fast, and by the end of the first day had everything in the apartment boxed up, and partially moved to the truck, and then on Tuesday, they finished packing the garage by 2 and took off.

Wednesday we drugged the cats with kitty tranquilizers, and I was disappointed that I didn't also get one. Oreo only got part of his, due to the SO not shooting it correctly, so he meowed the whole way here. Snowcap was completely stoned, and would either sleep or rollover on her back and just look up like she was seeing my little pony coming out of the crate. I was able to get to Oreo a few times when the hiway was flat, and take off my sunglasses and just look at him, yawn, make yawning noises, and then slowly close my eyes, at which point he would fall asleep and doze for awhile until something woke him up again.

I kind of wish that i had just driven out here by myself and the cats, because with the SO, we're constantly taking potty breaks and driving way too close to the speed limit. I would have made it probably an hour sooner without her!

So we got here and the apartment is nice and roomy, especially for a one bedroom, so I can't complain there. Work is a bitch, and I worked until 8 on Thursday and was the last one to leave on Friday. And I've basically had my lead position taken away, which I'm not happy about. On the plus side, I had two interviews earlier in the week, in CALIFORNIA, so maybe one of those will take.

We'll see...

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